Little Flake and the Girl – (A Short Winter Tale)

Once upon a time there was a little snowflake that was born on a cold December evening. Winter is the time when snowflakes come into the world. Little Flake was her name. Her mother was a raindrop and her father the cold Icewind.

On this cold December night, it was the 24th, a raindrop fell from the sky and the strong, imposing Icewind fell in love with the iridescence of all her colors. He held her and kissed her long and lovingly. Shortly thereafter, mother raindrop became a feathery snowflake and Little Flake was born.

Little Flake let herself be carried cheerfully by her father through the air. She laughed and danced happily on his arms. She wanted to discover the world, fly higher and higher.

Below her she saw bright lights. Illuminated houses, lights moving on long dark bands, flickering candlelight.

Little Flake also saw an infinite number of other snowflakes like herself. Many of them were already exploring the world on the ground. But there were even more swirled through the air, carried on the strong arms of their father.

Father Icewind blew the little snowflake onto a windowsill at a house. There she sat down. Through the glass she could see 2 children dancing around a big tree in the brightly lit room, laughing. The cheer was contagious and the little snowflake was laughing with them. When the little girl ran to the window and gazed happily out into the frozen world, Little Flake got frightened, backed and was immediately carried away by her father.

She heard bells ringing, smooth music playing – and she let the ice-cold wind whirl her cheerfully through the air.

Eventually her father got tired and stopped carrying her around. The snowflake slid slowly on the ground and lay down on a orange-red carrot, which served as a nose to a snowman with black coal eyes. Here she rested until late morning, exhausted by all the dancing all night long. She glittered happily in the cold sun, the cool Queen of Ice had a hard scepter.

When the door of the house was opened eventually, because the snowman was right in the front yard of the same house she looked into the window last night, the little children of yesterday evening ran out of the house, laughing loud. The little snowflake on the tip of the nose of the snowman looked at them, all excited. When the little girl approached curiously and looked at the snowman, she saw Little Flake right there on the very tip of the carrot. She came very close and looked with wide eyes and was amazed.

Little Flake laughed back, blinking at the big eyes. As the little girl tapped the tip of the snowman’s nose, Little Flake vanished, and she became like her mother a raindrop. The girl looked disappointed for a moment at the carrot, before she ran away, laughing again.

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  1. Milly says:

    What a delightful story. Thoughtfully done.

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