Jump into Middle Ages – The Hanseatic days 2014 in Lübeck

Lübeck is the Queen of the Hanseatic League and once one of the most powerful organizations in the middle age. Still, today in the modern Hanseatic League Lübeck is the leader of the federation. And every year they celebrate in one of the 182 Hanseatic cities in Europe. This year it happens to Lübeck in Northern Germany and I am here.

From May 22nd to 25th Lübeck is the target of maybe a million visitors. About 1.500 delegates from over 130 Hanseatic cities are expected. And the city offers uncountable festivities and fun for adults and children all around the middle age and the League.

The official opening was on Thursday, 22nd with the arriving of 6 cogs and kraweels. Also, the Alexander von Humbold II was seen in Travemünde at the mouth of the Trave and the way into Lübeck’s port.

Lübeck itself offers a lot of different places with a huge variety of interesting celebrations. The traditional Hanseatic market in the old town is the centerpiece. Here people are dressed in traditional medieval clothes and offer typical goods of the past and the region. Handcrafts and culinary specialties mainly. Merchants, gamblers and musicians give the perfect feeling of another time. The whole center is closed to traffic.

A lot of fun and inter-activities for children, mead for adults and international groups making music, folk, rock and more. Another highlight is the Sunday brunch – a huge table in the old city along the riverside Obertrave where everyone can sit and ‘brunch’ the many specialties. And of course a great idea the Lübeck-Salon: private homes of Lübeck invite guests for coffee and cake. The best way to know the life of the Queen of Hanseatic League in modern times.

I had the pleasure to participate last night at the ‘Bilderlfluss’, a trip with the boat and some performances along the canals in Lübeck. Another event I can participate is the ‘night of literature’. Old merchant houses owned privately open for this event where popular artists held a reading.

I enjoy these days although fully packed with people in town everywhere. A real international event with a special flair! I love to stroll on the market and to explore all the middle age jewelery and dresses I am really enthusiastic I can see myself in those beautiful dresses and the jewelery.. well, no words, just want them all! Amazing the feeling of middle age because so many people are dressed up like in those times and they are talking so many languages I never heard in Lübeck. I am really excited and can’t wait to go on the market again.

Has anyone been on an middle age market or event? What do you think about it? Did you like it? Let me know…

Lübeck, Schleswig-Holstein/Germany:

For further information:
The 34th International Hanseatic days Lübeck 2014

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