Invitation to a Wedding in Naples

Lately I am dancing from one to another wedding. The children of good friends or younger friends are getting married, and I am so honored to be invited to their weddings.

One of these fabulous events was the wedding of the son of my very best friend who recently died, just a few months ago. It was not sure if the wedding will be held, it was so near to the death of the mother of the groom. But all the preparations were so much nearly concluded and my friend was so immensely happy of her son’s wedding that it would not be right to postpone it. My friend was so much looking forward to seeing the bride to walk down the aisle, to see her son’s so happy smile when seeing her.

So the wedding was taking place at mid June in Naples, Italy.

Super organized my sweetie and I met the sister of my friend at the port of Pozzuoli in the early morning. We were waiting for some more people coming from the island Ischia. An organized bus took us up to the church, right in the middle of the always buzzing city.

The Chiesa di San Giovanni Battista is located in the Marianella zone. It’s the church where she belongs to, as in Italy you get married at ‘her’ church. The church is old, more than 700 years, but was also completely rebuilt after several fires destroyed the structure completely. Yellow and Grey with a high clock-tower the sacred place is nearly hidden in between houses and a little piazza in front.

The church was pretty full, the wonderful bride’s maids all in long dresses of tenuous blue, which was the theme of the wedding, the blue Hydrangea.

The Mass was not too long, the pastor clearly knew her from childhood, he spoke very personal with the young couple. It was a very joyful and solemn moment with a few tears in the eyes of us (my friend’s sister and me).

After church, we took again the bus which brought us up to the Villa Maria, a wonderful place between Posillipo and Vomero. From here the view on Naples is breathtaking! Postcard-wise! Unfortunately because of summer and the heat a little hazy but still exactly what you know from postcard-photos.

The amazing venue is also a hotel, has a nice pool and an incredible terrace. We had refreshments and little snacks while waiting for the groom and bride. Later when the couple arrived they prepared 3 long buffets with antipasti, most of them fish and seafood of course. The fresh mozzarella melted in the mouth, sooo good.

After the antipasti we took our seats inside in a nice dining room, all wonderfully decorated around the Hydrangea. We all had a little gift on out plate, a blue Agate. The food was again very much ‘fishy’, lovely. We had great conversations at our table, the just married couple sat very often with us.

Later there was the wedding cake – which was actually a whole bunch of different typical Neapoltitan cakes – again outside, the glass of Champagne and drinks, who preferred a coffee. Very sweet: it was the bride’s grandmother’s 80th birthday, too!

The bomboniera – the little gift a guest always gets before leaving the wedding and is a reminder to that special day, was very thoughtful: a beautiful box with two little bottles of liqueurs typical for Naples: one Limoncello and one Amaro.

We passed a wonderful day which was surprisingly relaxed and a wonderful wedding. It warmed my heart profoundly to see my friend’s son’s happiness. The bride was so beautiful, no wonder he is so deeply in love with her. I know my friend would have been the happiest mom in the world, and I am so honored to have been invited to their wedding. Thank you to both of you for this wonderful day together!

♥ ♥ ♥ Vi voglio un mondo di bene! ♥ ♥ ♥

Villa Maria, Napoli, Campania/Italy:

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Villa Maria

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