In the Colorful Flower Fields of Carlsbad

After last year I have seen the many, many spring flowers in the desert east of San Diego at Anza Borrego Desert, this year I have been to celebrate spring in the flower fields of Carlsbad, north from San Diego. It was like a bath in color and nature’s incredible art.

I didn’t expect anything big and more fields where I maybe can pick flowers by myself. But it is a huge flower ground, with long and colorful fields full of Ranunculus. And because I took more than 170 photos I will write here about the flower fields and in another article about Ranunculus to split the photos.

Carlsbad Ranch is located just 45 minutes north of San Diego. 8 million Ranunculus on 50 acres, in all colors: candid white, sparkling yellow, pinky pink, the most incredible red, dark purple that sometimes seems to be black. The range of colors is amazing.

The flower originally came from the Mediterranean where still today you can find them in the wilderness. Simple flowers, that look like roses. It came to the US and started all in a small farm, flowers to have in a garden. Today they sell the rhizomes or subterranean stems of the so called buttercup every year.

The flower fields open from the beginning of March until Mother’s Day. Then they close until the following year. More than 200.000 visitors come every year to admire the colorful fields. A big parking place is provided. Additionally there is also a nursery where you can buy plants and of course all the beautiful pottery and more. There are several events every year, with music, wine tasting, photo-tours and workshops.

A very nice lady told us that the buttercups are sown (seeds of the flowers from previous year) in 2-weeks-interval. They get watered during the growing period. Then they have the openings in spring to the public with many events and close on Mother’s Day. The water-system then is closed, too, and they let literally die out the plants. In summer they dig out the rhizomes and sell them before everything starts again in October.

Of course the Ranunculus fields are the main attraction. Which is a pity. They have an area with different garden displays. A huge labyrinth made of high hedges of scented sweet peas invites to walk in beauty. We saw beautiful flower beds with delphinium and of course a lot of nasturtium or monks cress, which right now is blooming everywhere. We saw beautiful roses and I found out that there is no English name for Calendula, it is called Marigold, potted Marigold or Scottish Marigold. But I found the seeds… Our vegetable garden needs them for a better health and strength.

We, my sweetie and me, enjoyed the afternoon and early evening in the fields very much and were amazed how much there is to see. We thought we can do it in less than two hours but you need at least double the time. We saw also a little handcrafts market which was gone by the time we were coming back and we had to go.

Flower Fields, Carlsbad, California/USA:

For further information:
The Flower Fields in Carlsbad

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