History Few Tourist Will Discover – Corveglia

On the road near to Casina where I was looking for a agriculture bed & breakfast called ‘Molino del Tasso’ I saw a sign to Corveglia which seemed to be something historical.

But I was looking for this place to get a room for the night first. Finally I got the right road, a long and winding one in the greenest nature I ever saw. The sounds of the nature here are so amazing, no words to describe them. The Molino del Tasso is situated in a very hidden but beautiful place. The bad thing here is: it doesn’t exist anymore as bed&breakfast or restaurant. So the long road was for nothing but the nature experience.

Driving back towards Casina for looking for another place I took first the road to Corveglia to have a look.

Again a winding narrow road in the middle of the incredible nature. I drive with an open window all the time so I can here the birds singing and smell the freshness of the air. At a certain point there was a junction and I took the one for this historical place.

I came along a beautiful church in Giandeto. Of course it was closed but even from outside it looked great. Look at the details. Even in the countryside they have a big sense for beauty and art.

Just seeing a cat and some hens walking around I took the road again for Corveglio.

Arriving I thought where it is. But I was standing right there already. It is just two houses of ancient stones, nothing else. But the place is hilarious.

It is one of the most significant places in the Reggian mountains because of the beauty of the place. The is a small river called Tresinaro passing between the two mountains. Just in the middle of the mountains there is a big stone. And on this stone they built in the middle age two tower houses.

Already at 1218 the inhabitants swear their loyalty for the city of Reggio. Today one can see typical windows from the middle age, some of them closed by bricks and a lot of apertures under the roof In one of the houses there is a fresco from the 15th century showing the Virgin Maria. A third building still shows a few elements of the 17th century.

I didn’t see no one there, just a few hens again. And I thought: these people don’t need to look up in the Internet how to eat paleo, they do all their life. Healthy food running around the countryside and eating what nature gives them.

Casina and Giandeto/Corveglia, Emilia Romagna/Italy:

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