Hidden Lake in the Woods

Some days on my way home from shopping I took another road than normally and passed in an area with woods. Honestly I know that road for a while but never take it on the way home.

This time I was pretty early in the morning, sun came up only shortly ago, and so I stopped. And yes, I had my camera with me, because I thought to go somewhere else for maybe some shootings. Though passing in this little wood I thought why not starting here with having a look. Instead, I stopped only here… it’s a super peaceful place!

There are some little lakes right going through a short part of wood, all natural and a perfect place for animals. On the other side of the lakes are some huge meadows where I saw a lot of geese.

I walked around one bigger lake, found a little bench where to sit. I stayed for at least one hour just sitting and observing the swans and other water birds. Here are some of the photos I took that early morning. I will return there, so peaceful and beautiful!

Enjoy some impressions!

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