Grand Canyon or Wadi Mujib

I have never seen the Grand Canyon in the USA so I was curious about the Jordanian Grand Canyon. Unfortunately we only got a look from the top and didn’t walk in there. I later saw a video and think: hiking here is the best!

The gorge is known historically as Arnon and is located about 90 km south of Amman. It is a nature reserve created in 1987. 300 species of plants, 10 species of carnivores and numerous species of birds are living here. Animals like the Nubian ibex, the caracal, Arabian Babler and many others one can see.

Nearby are a lot of ancient cities, bridges, forts and buildings are documenting this. The mountains are very sparsely vegetated, look more like a steppe but there are hot springs like at Zara which give way to a very rigorous vegetation.

A large dam was built here recently with a street over to the other side of the river. This has formed a large lake.

We just had a glimpse of the canyon from above, a tourist stop where Bedouins were offering some souvenir tapestry and jewelry. I was reading before that a great thing is to go hiking in the canyon, along the waters. There are many species of animals and plants living and the reserve seems to be great to explore.

Wadi Mujib/Jordan:

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Jordan Tourism Board

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