From castle to noble residence – Castel di Luco

When I was in the Ascoli Piceno region I wanted to see some castles. So I went to see the Castel di Luco which is situated in the Acquasanta Terme district not too far from Ascoli Piceno.

It is a castle still looking like the times when it was built in the early middle ages. Situated along the Salaria Road it was already an important place during the Romans.

During the later middle ages it was always an important political point in the region. For example in 1445 Pietro di Vanne Ciucci, noble and owner of Castel di Luco, played an important role in the liberation of Ascoli Piceno from Rinaldo Sforza.

In 1562 an outlaw, il Parisani, killed the custodian of the stronghold of the castle, Chiarino Montanaro, throwing him in the river Tronto. That was an important and unusual event for the region.

The castle was transformed later in a noble residence, owners for centuries the Ciucci family. With the marriage of the last heir, Maria, it has gone to the Amici family and is still in their procession.

And just this family is living here and offering a great restaurant with an incomparable traditional cuisine and as well some rooms for a night stay. It is also part of the Apennino Festival in summer.

It is thought that the name Castrum Lucum refers to the fortification on a cleared (forest) place.

I was there on a rainy day and the rain stopped just when I got out of the car for a few minutes. I could have a walk around, seeing the small houses around the castle itself. I think the rooms for guests are there in. I could ring a bell at the castle itself, but no one opened unfortunately. So I could not see inside. I was curious about the dining room and maybe some room for a stay to see. I think in early summer, when all flowers are blooming and weather is warm and bright it will be spectacular here!

Castle di Luco, Le Marche/Italy:

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Castle di Luco

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