Fast Food and More in Venice

North America is famous for its Fast Food. Well-known fast food chains are coming mainly from that country, and they are very popular especially with the youth. Italy is a country that always had difficulties to accept that kind of food and only over the years and with a lot of ‘resistance’ of the fast food-chains they could establish themselves.

The thing is: we have our own fast food, that is local, healthy and homemade. Pizza ‘take away’ for example is a very typical ready food to buy in Italy, everywhere. And panini: white bread rolls filled with prosciutto, mozzarella slices, lettuce and tomato slices. More in the north of Italy you find very often also polenta bites: little polenta slices with a topping of something like tomato sauce, seafood or mushrooms

Typical for every sea town is also the display of the seafood or sometimes fresh meat in the restaurants. It is sometimes a decoration, but often it is there where you choose the fish you want to be cooked for you. I love these displays, they give you the sense of freshness of the food. I love for example rice with seafood, one of my favorite dishes.

In Venice, I saw some pigeons flying for shopping ­čÖé They just entered the tiny shop and sitting on the cashier. The shop owner took that as an attraction I guess, he was not annoyed at all (and for sure very much used to it!)

What are you experiences with fast food in Italy? And what kind of fast food do you have in your country? Asia is famous for its street food as well, which is fast food, too.

Venice, Veneto/Italy:

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