Family Reunion in Berlin and a Paleo Restaurant

Something not to often happened to me in the last few years. I grew up with my mother only and no other family members. I knew she had a sister with a son and I knew about other aunts and uncles. But I have never known them. My mother was in a continuous argue with them. So I grew up ‘alone’. I never ever had a problem with it.

Then my mother died and it happened something that I had to contact one of my cousins. And we found out we like each other a lot. I love his family, they are so great. I knew for some other reasons another two cousins and we are all so great together. I can’t believe that a family happened to me after a whole life.

So last weekend we had a ‘reunion’ all together – my cousins and there wifes and me – in Berlin. We wanted to know each other better as one lives in Munich, one in Kiel, one near Hamburg and me outside the country. We had a wonderful day together.

But I had another goal in Berlin. The city is the place where a Paleo restaurant is located. It’s the first in Europe and I had seen a program in TV talking about them and their great success.

So in the evening we took a taxi and off to Prenzlauer Berg. We arrived – without any reservation and on Saturday night – at 7 pm. From outside it looks like any other restaurant at a corner of Berlin’s older houses and entering my first impression was: like in a cozy cave. Dark wood, candle light everywhere, some background music, a few people sitting and talking.

A lady – apparently American – asked us for the reservation. I got panic. No reservation, a big group of 7 and my deepest desire to eat here. She asked us to wait for a few minutes she would manage something maybe.
I took that moment to explain my relatives what Paleo means: no grains, no sugar, no dairy. Surprised faces, some afraid about what eating, the same like when I tell about my diet.

Happily short time later we had a long table in an extra side room. A look into the menu convinced everyone that there is a good choice and we ordered short time later. We took red and white wine, a wild duck consommé, no-grain bread, wild-caught herb-crusted pike perch with fennel and seleric gratin, spinach cream and raw lemon peel vinaigrette, a grass-fed Charlais filet mignon with a coconut yucca purèe, sautéed wild broccoli, a romanesco macadamia crumble and licorice jus, grilled octopus topped with a banana vinegar and tomato paste glaze, rolled in black and white sesam and come vegetable tarts with leek, spinach and chestnut on a grain-free crust.

To explain to the ones who are not confident with Paleo: it is 100% homemade slow food, it is used only healthy meat and fish, often from wild animals, fruits, vegetables, herbs, nuts and seeds are organic, there is no processed sugar at all, allowed only raw honey, coconut blossom nectar. No grains and no legumes. Both are highly inflammatory and responsible for many diseases. Healthy fats like coconut oil, organic clarified lad or suet and unrefined palm oil or ghee (not in the Sauvage) is allowed. Dairy is the last out of the Paleo diet. I use instead vegan cheese in case I really want some and often coconut milk is a great substitute.

Who lives in Berlin or planes a longer stay: they provide also a catering service and cook for private events. There is a form on their website.

The restaurant is not the cheapest in Berlin but for sure one of the hippest, with an incomparable taste and ambiente. And perfect for a special moment out.

My cousins were ‘scared’ about Paleo in the first moment but I was convinced about the out-coming. AND: they loved the food, made a lot of compliments and wanted to know all about my way of eating. I was so happy that we closed a beautiful day in a perfect way! Thanks Sauvage for making it possible to dine also without a reservation!

(sorry for the bad quality of the photos, there was only candle light, great as ambiente, bad for photos less)

For further information:

The restaurant has closed.

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  1. don says:

    interesting H, love the photos.

  2. Karin says:

    Yummi 🙂

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