El Péi – a Gallo-Italic Medieval Village

Only 738 inhabitants that have one of the best views in the world.

When we arrived at lunch time at Peglio – the Italian name of this tiny place – we heard a cock somewhere in the surroundings and some pots being moved in a kitchen. And a lot of silence. Sun was shining warm from a blue blue sky and I wanted only one thing: sitting in the sun in a piazza nipping at a cappuccino.

My wish to the universe and a piazza arrived – or better: we arrived in the only piazza of Peglio. My friend made a joke: maybe this place is paleo? Well, it sounds similar…

We were admiring the view on the surrounding hilly landscape just a few seconds before and talking about the fact how easy it is to see enemies and friends arriving even from very far away. And how great it must have been to see Peglio in top of the hill even from far away, an assuring view that within some hours pilgrims would have been in a secure place, warm and with food.

Peglio is a small medieval village in the province of Pesaro Urbino not too far from Urbino in the valley of the Metauro river.

We walked into the piazza where is just one tiny bar. Sitting outside we had a glass of wine, a ‘Buddha’ croissant (funny friend!) and a cappuccino. It was so lovely and peaceful!

After a long while we tried to find the castle which is just a short walk up the steeply streets. Another amazing view on the landscape and a bell tower with a huge clock. But the time was not right at all!

On the way down we noticed these wall paintings indicating a little osteria/restaurant. They look really nice and inviting.

We stayed a good while in the village. The peace is so incredible but for people living there it might be a little boring. From Peglio it’s not far to Urbania, Sant’Angelo in Vado or even Urbino. If you are in the area don’t miss this spot, it is more than worth!

Peglio, Le Marche/Italy:

For further information:
Peglio website (in Italian)

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