Eating Paleo in Jordan

It’s so crazy when people start to eat different to the mess of others. Since I started to find my ideal diet, in Germany I always hear the same:”I don’t know what I can offer you to eat, you are so difficult.” Truth is: it is so simple, people just have to think and not doing things automatically.

In Italy this is much easier as everyone is much more used to food and flexible in eating. Never ever it happened to me that someone said something similar to me. I just told them how my diet works and all the time I get wordless what I can eat for the time of my stay.

So the next question of my German friends was:”OMG, what can you eat when you are on travel?” Truth is: everywhere in the world there are people making still their own food and cook as well. Especially in non over industrialized countries.

So when I was in Jordan in May just for a 10 days trip I didn’t have any problem at all to eat. The culture is so rich in so many great foods and use also flours I eat like chickpeas flour, many foods are made without any flour, they use a lot of sesame and much more that works well with the paleo.

My mornings I started like at home with a lot of fruits and eggs.

I loved most the meze as they are already so rich that there is nearly no space left in the stomach for a main dish.

Meze are starters. In Jordan and the Arabian cuisine there are some like hummus (everyone knows, made of tahini and chickpeas) or Baba Ganoush (made with eggplants, tomatoes, onions and seasonings).

Tabbouleh is something special I already knew from Turkey. A salad made of parsley and tomatoes. Sometimes I found it with bulgur as well.

Fattoush is a mixed salad with fried pita pieces.

Rocket salad, olive salad and Arabic salad are some typical salads one can get in many places over the world.

Olive oil, lemon juice and salt are in all kinds of meze plus many seasonings.

Salads or meze are served as starter. But like in Greece they are many small dishes. Served with typical pita bread they are already filling and there is nearly no real need to eat a main dish.

The meze are best to eat with some fresh drink like lemon juice with mint or a fresh squeezed orange juice.

As main dish, I tried beside many international dishes the tilapia fish. Just fried in a pan (without wheat flour), garnished with French fried (I omitted) and fresh salad. So good and so tasty!

To close a meal they offer desserts (pastries or fruits) and of course a coffee with cardamom. Jordanian people are coffee drinkers like Bedouins are tea drinkers.

I didn’t try beer at all. But thought it interesting to find beer with pomegranate or strawberry taste. Should be very fresh and are anyway without alcohol.

What is your experience with the Middle east cuisine? Did you find anything you liked most or something you never ever will eat again? Let me know in a comment below…

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