Dubai by Night – Day 3

After a very full day we wanted an easy peasy one with visiting museums, brunch at the Arabian Tea House and in the evening a night tour through Dubai by bus.

We started our day by walking to ‘our’ brunch place and stopped at the Dubai Heritage Village. It was on our way, and we wanted to have a closer look at it.

There is a Coin Museum, a Coffee Museum, a lot of stores and galleries and a nice tea house (very small and cozy). We had a short visit at a camel enclosure where a mother and her calf stayed (I guess for tourists who want to have a camel ride). Walking into the museums’ area there is a nice mosque we didn’t enter as we weren’t dressed right and instead entered a gallery with a photo exhibition. We explored a heritage museum and stopped at the coffee museum. A short look into a few stores, and we were hungry enough to get out of them without buying anything.

Later we took the metro to the biggest Mall in the world: the Dubai Mall. The really interesting thing was, that walking from the metro station to the actual mall took us around 20 minutes through elevated glass walkways with air-conditioning. I felt like in a sci-fi-movie.

The mall is gigantic, tremendous, colossal, Brobdingnagian! I don’t know if there is a word for it. We didn’t get lost but it felt like that. It took us ages to go to the main entrance. If I remember right the mall has 1 million square meters and over a thousand stores. Plus an aquarium, multiple cinemas and much more. We didn’t look into the many retailers but just walked to the main entrance where our bus for the night tour would leave. And where the Burj Khalifa Dancing Fountain is located. It was the right time, at 7 pm when the sunlight is fading and let just enough to see the beauty of the colored lights dancing to the rhythm of the classic music theme.

I was amazed by the beauty and so happy that we were there at the most perfect time imaginable. The Burj Khalifa in the background was the Hit as well!

After so many emotions we went to the tour bus and had a nice ride through the night of Dubai. We even passed the Atlantis Hotel on ‘The Palm’. We had a good place to sit, on the open-top on the left in the back of the bus. Perfect to take pictures at least when the bus stopped. The audible guide (I think in 11 languages available) told us what we were looking at.

We came back a couple of hours later and took the metro back to the hotel – without any further look into the shops of the mall!

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Here is a video of the greatest dancing fountain, the Burj Khalifa Fountain

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2 Responses to Dubai by Night – Day 3

  1. Milly says:

    Love the camel! Great night photos. Was it any cooler at night?

    • crumbs on travel says:

      Yes, a lot cooler at night. It was mainly for the camera problems that I noticed the heat .-)

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