Driving Miss Daisy and Sugar Cookies in San Diego

As I was in a visit at my friends house in Santa Barbara, California, she organized a few days in San Diego were all her children live. I know her two daughters and was excited to see them again after 30 years and to know my friend’s son as well.

We took the train from Santa Barbara and had to change in Los Angeles. It should be a 4-hours ride she told me. Perfect to see the landscape and to relax.

But I learnt in my life: never expect anything, it always comes in a different way.

Of course also this time it came different. We had the first class and a nice place, comfortable and a window view to see as much as possible. Coffee and cookies included.

The first thing we didn’t enjoy fully was the person sitting behind us. A woman in her thirties talking at her mobile phone for all the time. Crying, her mother had cancer, her boy-friend has left her, her friends didn’t do anything to fix it and then called the boy-friend and she was all’ Oh darling, don’t leave me, I will do all you want”. We took it like a radio transmission of an unhappy love-story.

Los Angeles Union Station is beautiful. It’s an old station with beautiful wooden panels on the ceiling, accurate painted. The building is not old, less than 100 years but in the typical Spanish style architecture.

The waiting hall is the jewel of the station I would say. It has also patios where to sit outside and have lunch during the waiting hours.

We took a salad to go in the station restaurant ”Harvey House”. While waiting for the preparation we were sitting in old heavy chairs like in the beginning of the last century.

When I had a short look out of the station on the street I wondered why everywhere here I see cars like Porsche, Ferrari and so on…. Amazing!

On the train again we had just a short ride to San Diego – we thought. It was exactly another 4 hours more. In the middle of nowhere the train had an engine problem (the real problem I don’t know) and we had a beautiful view on a dry landscape, rocks and a deep blue sky. An extra portion of coffee and cookies. But no lady behind us talking the whole time on the mobile….

8 hours later we arrived at the station of San Diego. I don’t remember which exit we had to leave but not the central station anyway.

Now we could relax as the youngest daughter of my friend came to pick us up. We had a short sightseeing ride in the city, then going home to her house and refreshing before going to the sails club to meet the rest of the family.

Unfortunately the photo of the sails club in San Diego is a blurred one. But it gives a hint how beautiful it is. We had dinner on the other daughter’s boat with (nearly) the whole family. It was so quiet and peaceful. I could well imagine the time my friend spent here for a few weeks on the boat to relax after the death of her husband.

The next day we spent in sightseeing and walking in town centers and spending lazy moments in cafeterias.

Walking in La Jolla town we saw a lot of nice shops. One was a bakery will very funny cookies. We asked what the meaning of ”DADT” is but I forgot. Something with ”don’t ask don’t talk” I guess. I would write ”DAJB” (don’t ask just bite). Would be more appropriate 😀

I didn’t try any of them as it was just the time I started to stop eating sugar and grain. And these cookies are 100% sugar and grain. But I liked the whale and dolphin cookies to look at.

We spent later nice time in the house of my friend’s older daughter, having talks and me sitting just outside and breathing the luck to be here.

I think everywhere in the world it happens that someone things to jump right into a movie. Americans go to Bavaria’s most famous event – the Oktoberfest – seeing all the people in Dirndl and leather shorts and they feel like in an old German movie. That happens to me of course when I am in the United States. Most of the movies we see in Europe are from the US and so in certain moments it gives a strange feeling when hearing a police car for example. It happened to me once in Houston with friends. Already sitting in the car I said to my friends there ”you forgot to switch of the TV”. No, that was a real police car in the real world.

Exactly that feeling came over me when I saw the first time the Chevrolet. When my friend’s daughter’s fiancee said to give me a ride to the post station for getting some stamps I was thrilled. ”Oh my gosh!” was my first thought when sitting in the car. It was like Daisy. You remember the movie ”Driving miss Daisy” with a great Morgan Freeman and even greater Jessica Tandy? I loved that movie and have seen it a few times.

We had an extra ride in the town. In Germany I have a friend who has an Oldtimer Mercedes with a lot of extras and really big. But in comparison to the Chevrolet it is a small car. I will never forget this ride! Thank you Daryl! And a super mega big hug to Claudia who invited me as well to her home and I hope soooooooooo much we will keep in touch in future and she will come soon to visit me in Italy! I am proud to be part of her family, they are all so amazing!!!

San Diego, California/USA:

The movie, a must see and always again!

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