Driving in Italy – Urban Wildlife in Tuscany

Tuscany is one of the biggest regions in Italy and I think the most famous one as well. I stayed a few days here near to Pisa just twice and have seen a lot of places.

The most known cities are for sure Florence, Pisa, Lucca, Siena, San Gimignano and Pienza. The beautiful coast, the hilly landscape and the mountains are attracting every year millions of tourists. That for I would not be too much attracted as I don’t like what the mess is overflowing.

But I was on the road to have a look at all these regions and there differences between each other although they are all in the same area of northern-central Italy.

There is so much I really liked in Tuscany but most of all the nature and the smallest medieval cities. Also magic places like San Gargano with it’s huge church in the middle of a field.

Nature was surprising me mostly with it’s colors that are coming out now in spring and early summertime. Fields are stated to be prepared for the seeds, a lot of birds everywhere picking out the freshly seed and doing maybe so a natural selection of the good and the bad ones.

Wine is a typical product in Tuscany and who doesn’t know names like Montepulciano, San Giovese, Vernaccia di San Gimignano, Chianti or Brunello? Did you ever tried one or more of these? Famous is also the Vin Santo, a dessert wine. I don’t like this one too much honestly..

I had a sunny afternoon out walking near to Pisa in the rural area and was wondering how man birds are around even in an urban area. Small gardens mainly full of vegetables and some flowers in between, people sitting in the chairs and sunbathing or with children around and having a barbecue. Life is so great when sun is shining and nature is awaking again.

I was impressed by the variety of flowers. Many I know from the Northern parts of Europe like Germany and Ireland. Some were completely new for me and I couldn’t name them. Some of them are not so common where I come from in Southern Italy. And you know what? I loved the quietness even when they worked on the fields. And the smell of the fresh clay…

What about you? Have you ever been to Tuscany in Italy? If so have you ever had a walk in the landscape, far away from the major cities? Did you enjoy urban wildlife? Or maybe had a barbecue in the middle of nowhere on Pasquetta, Easter Monday? That is a typical tradition on the day after Easter Sunday to go into nature and having a picnic.


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  1. Great captures here! I love urban wildlife and think it is so important in our ever-more-populated world.

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