Driving in Italy – The Marche

One of my driving trips I got into Le Marche. It is one of Italy’s twenty regions and situated along the east coast in central Italy. It is bordered by a very small country within Italy: San Marino.

The Marche and Umbria are the regions I always thought it would be great to live. For the nature and its still natural being. This time I could verify if I really would like to stay here for a while.

And I do. I fell in love immediately I came into the landscape out of Umbria. I decided to stay for one or two nights in a tiny special place, the B&B ValdericArte. That I would become friends with the owners and we had such a special energy I couldn’t think before. I stayed four nights though..

One of these days I decided for a round trip and go to the beach as well. So I drove from the deep mountains where the B&B is situated down into the hilly landscape. I even liked it more. This soft hills, the many ancient little castle towns, everywhere history.. that is perfect for me.

I didn’t want to see the major cities like Urbino, Urbania, San Marino, Pesaro and others and I only stayed in the most northern part, the Pesaro e Urbino province. But it was all I wanted.

Eventually I found the beach, stayed here for a few hours eating my salad sitting in the sand and looking out in the far to.. Greece. Because Greece is on the other side of the Adriatic.

What I like is the variety of this region or part. I do have the beach with kilometers of white sandy beaches, hills with beautiful ancient towns full of history and on the western side the mountains, the Apennine chain. The mountains arrive at 2.400 m high.

Talking to residents and also strangers living here for a longer time, it’s still a very virgin part of Italy. After Tuscany living from tourism and Umbria as well this is definitely a place I like. And I am sure I will stay here many times and very often in the nearest future.

Which region do you know in Italy? And which one do you like most? Let me know in a comment below..

Le Marche, Italy:

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Le Marche

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