Corona-Shutdown Walk – Staying Healthy in Mind and Body

It is beautiful weather these days and it is literally screaming for endless walks. So I discovered a wonderful place for long and exciting walks in a nature reserve near to the place where I stay in northern Germany: the nature reserve of Siebektal, Kreuzkamper Lake District and Forests.

I am very glad that in Germany it is recommended to go often for long walks in order to boost the immune system. Plus a healthy diet, we have a great basis to resist to all kind of virus.

The other day I just got into my car and drove around with no real destination. I just stopped in a place that seemed interesting and I discovered it was a little nature reserve with lots of woods and countless little ponds. I only later discovered more about the place.

The reserve was established only in 2015 and is located in the district of Ostholstein near to L├╝beck. The area has 209 hectares, has two forests, leaving them in a natural condition and mainly of beeches, a lot of wet meadows, marshland and ponds and pools. I found out that they even made a book of the place with a lot of nature photos.

I had a long walk in the woods, listening to the many birds. At a certain point a deer crossed my walk-way and later I found a high seat where I spent a little time as well, just relaxing, listening to a wood-pecker and the many birds. I enjoyed a wonderful afternoon in sun-filled woods, and I am looking forward to walking again there.

Are you doing anything particular to stay healthy these days? Or just what you always do? Are you allowed to stay outside? Let me know in a comment below!

Let’s walk together!

Nature Reserve Siebektal, Kreuzkamper Lake District and Forests, Schleswig-Holstein/Germany:

Be sociable, tell others!
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3 Responses to Corona-Shutdown Walk – Staying Healthy in Mind and Body

  1. Hasi says:

    Beautiful nature photos!

  2. Don Madigan says:

    Those photos are fab. Unfortunately, in Ireland we are allowed to walk up to 2km from home and to only undertake a car journey to work, grocery shopping, to the Doctor or the Chemist.
    This is really difficult, I know that you know what this restrictive regime means to me. Its necessary though, if we are to be clearclearviCorona

    • crumbs on travel says:

      Oh Don, that is really hard! We can walk wherever we want and I do that maybe now a little more often to boosting my immune system a little further. Work hard in the garden, that maybe helps ­čśŤ Lots of hugs to you!

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