Corona-Shutdown Walk – Schellbruch near Lübeck

On the way to discover more and more nature reserves, a friend of mine sent me an article about the Schellbruch region along the river Trave, halfway between Travemünde and Lübeck. I wanted to have a look there and asked another friend to come with me for an early morning walk.

Two situations that make me walk a lot right now are that spring is fully on its way and the lock-down because of the flu virus Covid19. Spring is such a beautiful time that gives not only the nature life and energy, but also to me.

My alarm was set on 5.30 a.m., still a little dark and more than an hour before sunrise. At 6 o’clock my friend and I met at the village of Gothmund where we started our walk. At that time we didn’t know that it would be a 4-hour walk.

Schellbruch is an important nature reserve near to Lübeck. Once Gothmund was a fishermen’s village and the ships coming in were pulled up the stream to Lübeck by men or either animals (ox and horses). The river here is called Teidelstieg (burlak way).

The area is a mix of wet meadows, brackish water and fresh water, a lot of reeds, ideal for many birds to nest, and is a bird reserve with a great variety.

Since 1983, this area is declared nature reserve. There are many little paths through the area, sometimes you find a bench to rest or even better to sit and observe the birds.

Until the late 19th century, the Schellbruch was covered with beeches. But farmers used the land for their animals as pasture, cut down the beeches. When they stopped bringing in animals the land slowly became what it is today. In the end of 1960 some investors wanted to use the land for an extension of the port in Lübeck, but many people just wanted to preserve the nature as it is. Successfully, as we see.

Saltwater from the Baltic Sea is still arriving here nevertheless the river is already a good bit inland. You can find plants like march sowthistle, sea aster and wild sellery growing here. Marsh orchids, chess flower and marsh marigold are some of the many flowers you can find here.

I saw many swans, greylag geese, great reed warbler, great crested grebe, cormorants, little egrets, gray heron, of course many kinds of seagulls. We didn’t see a sea eagle unfortunately.

It was such a great experience. The nature reserve is breathtaking, the time very early in the morning was mind-blowing. I recommend this walk to everybody who loves nature, peace, amazing views and a unique experience!

Let’s walk!

Nature Reserve Schellbruch, Lübeck, Schleswig-Holstein/Germany:

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  1. Lu says:

    Thank you for taking me for a lovely walk via computer. Beautiful scenery as seen at sunrise. It looks like spring is just around the corner.

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