Corona-Shutdown Walk – Dreaming away from CoronaVirus

A beautiful sunny day, not many people around (I guess also because of the ice-cold wind), and me looking out for the first spring flowers. Which are not that ‘first’ as they bloom already for a while. Crocus are nearly done with their cycle, but still there are many ‘carpets’ full of them.

In the wilderness I discovered the other day the first thimbleweed. When the little white and pinkish anemone heads show up, spring knocks on the door.

A flower or better a tree that always and every year fascinates me, is the Japanese cherry-tree. The delicate pink of these huge trees is just amazing. Especially in moments the wind starts to blow and it is snowing pink pedals.

But also the so common daisy starts again to appear in the lawns, and I am looking forward to huge daisy meadows. In Italy, you find them often. The smell is very particular and intense, you just want to lay down and breathe deeply.

I have difficulties taking nice pictures of daffodils. Maybe because of the similar word? Well, I have to try harder maybe… I am still in time, they are starting to bloom now.

Come with me and celebrate spring!

Be sociable, tell others!
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