Collecorvino in the Rolling Hills of Pescara

In the rolling hills of Pescara, and only a few kilometers from the sea, there is the little hill village Collecorvino. The high mountains of the Monti Sibillini National Park and the Majella National Park are in a short distance as well. A perfect place to dive into the real life of Italy.

Exploring the hills of Pescara in Abruzzo I stayed with Cinzia, a super-host I found on Airbnb. Her place is really a perfect place for many reasons, tranquility, near to the sea and the mountains, in addition she is an amazing source about all kinds of information you could need here and pays a lot of attention to your well-being during your stay.

The little village you can reach in a few minutes walking up a hill. It has a few little streets that are more walkways than real streets. The views are breath-taking from every angle.

Historically the little hill-town is known since the 11th century, when a man called Corbino Langobardo decided to build his home here. He fortified the little village and gave it the name ‘Corvino’. But it was already mentioned in 853. The Medieval village was part of the parish of Loreto. Today it is part of Pescara.

There are two churches: Saint Andrew Apostle and Saint Rocco, both are from the 15th and 16th century. There is an old castle where you can find a watch-tower.

I walked through the little streets, had a look into the church in the center of the hill-town. Inside it was full of fortification constructions as the last earthquake in 2009 (!) damaged the whole construction. The little market on Tuesday was already over at noon.

There is a pharmacy, a post-office and a little supermarket, several bars for your daily coffee and cornetto. I had no problems with the masks (because of Corona/Covid pandemic), many were very easy with it. Always asking mask or social-distancing.

I think is a great place where to stay in the country-side, but also near to the sea. Pescara is only a ten minutes drive away, the motorway as well. And additionally Collecorvino is also easy to find.

Collecorvino, Abruzzo/Italy:

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