Christmas Cookies for Feeling Good

Make your own Christmas cookies and desserts! They are gluten-free, dairy-free and perfect for your Paleo Holiday treats.

The Holidays are already knocking at the door and the preparations are all on. Cookies can nearly all be done long before the date and they are already a pleasure to eat on the way to Christmas itself. To be all the time in the good-feeling-mode bake your own and surprise friends and family with healthy treats that don’t hurt YOU either.

Here are 10 of my recipes. There are more coming out these days so have always a look on the blog to be inspired for some different tastes.

No Christmas or winter without cinnamon! This is the most wintery spice ever! Try my little Cinnamon Stars, they are easy to make and could be also an idea to hang in the Christmas tree for the fun of your children (and not only!)

A little more work but a great result are my Dominosteine. They are tasty and very special. During this period you can find them in every supermarket in Germany.

A much more Italian tradition is the Fig Nut Cake. The idea for my version came from the Panforte.

Back to Germany we find the Gingerbread. For example for children once they made gingerbread houses. They are beautiful! You can cut them in many shapes, covered in chocolate or without.

Very similar we have in Italy the Mustaccioli. They look and taste similar but they are definitely different.

OK, Marzipan or almond paste you can prepare the whole year round. But in Italy the almond paste means very much Christmas. The most famous comes from Sicily.

Vanillekipferl are one of the most eaten in Europe. And very easy to make.

No Christmas without this typical Italian cake! Today you find it worldwide and in many places it is sold especially around this time: Panettone! Just make my Easter Colombo in a big round panettone form.

These cookies remind me my childhood when my mother would peel and slice some apples, and I would have Ginger Cookies with them. My dinner treat during this period.

And last but not least there are one of my favorite of all times: Roccoco. I just love these hard cookies you dip into wine before eating them.

There are many other recipes coming out these days on my blog. Don’t miss them and have a look on my blog. All cookies could be done the whole year of course, but the beauty in them is that they are seasonal, they come out just once a year, only during this period. And already in the late summer you start to think: I could skip the cold rainy weather in the winter time, but I want the Christmas cookies! Seasonal eating saves the taste of everything!

Happy Holiday Baking!

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