Christmas at Ischia

This year I decided to give in to a friend’s asking and drive down to Ischia for the holiday season. So just a few days before X-mas I arrived on my home island to stay with friends.

Christmas celebrations in Italy – and in Ischia – are the same like everywhere in the world I think. Family reunited on Christmas eve, church, dinner together and on Christmas day lunch with the whole family. And a beautiful Christmas tree with lights or candles.

So my friend and I on Christmas eve started already in the morning to prepare dinner for 7 family members (me included). I don’t know elsewhere but here we have fish on Christmas eve and a turkey on Christmas day. Typical desserts are for example struffoli like on the photo below.

I was so excited to be with all my friend’s family because it’s a long time I haven’t been here for Christmas.

The weather was great, very mild and sunny. So we had a nice walk on Saint Stevens Day – right after two days of eating ‘only’.

We had a beautiful walk on a very sunny and warm day – unexpected also here in Ischia where at theses times cold and rain would be normal. The Soccorso church in Forio with the 5 wooden crosses is a great spot not only for a Religious reason but also for sitting in the sun.

In a bar in Forio – which in Italy is more a cafeteria – I found this Santa called in Italian ‘Babbo Natale’ (Father Christmas). It’s by the way my favorite cafeteria on the island. I will write a post one of theses days about it.

Later we returned to Ischia Porto and Ponte when it was already dark. And I could enjoy the old houses and towers with spot lights. They look so ‘old movie like’.

One of the most beautiful views these Christmas days was definitely one of the most impressive spots of the island: the Castello Aragonese. Blue lights and golden scriptures – so great. What do you think about this way to present a castle?

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