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Healthy and Delicious – Organic Olive Oil

Eat more fat! Maybe the most healthy fat you can eat is also the maybe most delicious one. Freshly pressed olive oil is full of vitamins and minerals and has a very rich taste. In Italy we use to eat … Continue reading

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Summer Fruits in a Bottle: Juicing

Juicing means to extract the liquid out of fruits, vegetables or even herbs. There are many ways of juicing: the fresh way is for sure the better choice. I want to talk of fruit extracting as conservation of fruits of … Continue reading

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The Japanese Medlar – A Typical Italian Summer Fruit

The large ever green shrub or tree of Japanese medlar, or also called loquat, is a very common fruit tree in Italy. Its yellow fruits look like small peaches, the taste is a mixture between apple and pear. It is … Continue reading

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Green Sauce on Green Thursday

Tomorrow is Maundy or Holy Thursday. In some countries it is called Green Thursday and traditionally you eat something green. I decided for a green sauce made of béchamel and parsley, like my mother did, when I was a child. … Continue reading

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Dipping Oat Cookies in my Coffee at Breakfast

I have never been a cookie monster but there are one type I always liked very much for breakfast. You know, that kind of cookie you dip in your hot coffee, Cappuccino or hot chocolate. Even in tea, if you … Continue reading

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