Camel Milk Shake and Camel Burger

When I was in Dubai I had the perfect hotel room, but no breakfast included. My friend I was with in Dubai has the same nutrition style I have, and so we both didn’t want to pay for a breakfast which we couldn’t eat 98 % of. She booked without any meal. So in the morning where could we get my so needed wake-up-coffee? The answer was just easy and perfect: at the Arabian Tea House Restaurant & Café.

Thanks to Google and my friend’s smartphone she found out it was a very nearby place we could walk to in just a few minutes through the heat. Ideal for getting used to a warmer climate. Ideal also for ‘getting lost’ on the way. There is a whole heritage village with shops and museums in between.

But we talk about our mornings and our brunch-time. I only eat once a day, so we used to go to the Arabian Tea House around 10.30. We had a kind of coffee (you know, the one out of a machine) already in the room before leaving. The way was short, about 10 minutes maybe, and we tried every day not to ‘get lost’ on the way to. But it never worked out, and we always arrived hours later.

The tea house is actually a restaurant. You can sit outside at the street side and inside. It is cozy, not crowded (at least not when we were there) and friendly people served. I especially liked the young coffee-man. He stood outside to greet people coming to the place and shortly after he always arrived with the coffee. I love Arabian coffee, it is made with cardamom. And they serve it in small cups like I am used to in Italy. So you never over-drink coffee.

We tried out the milk shakes made with camel milk. I was previously reading (on my friends smartphone) that camel milk doesn’t give problems with lactose and I had no problems at all. And I loved the shakes! The Arabian style salad was yummy and more than enough for a meal. The camel burger… well, special like the bison burger I had a few times in the US. You really taste when the meat is good, clean and lean. I was laughing: when I asked about a burger without the bread/roll, the guy looked at me incredulous asking: how does that look? Well, I told him we would not eat the roll anyway and this way he doesn’t need to through it away.

If you are in the area, you should go to the Arabian Tea House which I saw has three different places in Dubai. They are kind, the food is really good and the prices are good. Don’t miss the coffee or tea! They come several times to ask if you want another one!

Arabian Tea House Restaurant & Café, Dubai/UAE:

For further information:
Arabian Tea House Restaurant & Café
Al Fahidi St.
(opposite Musalla Post Office)
Bur, Dubai

Opening hours: 7.30 am to 10 pm

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4 Responses to Camel Milk Shake and Camel Burger

  1. I always recommend Arabian Tea House to my friends visiting from Europe/America. Great experience and indeed they serve yummy camel milk shakes and ice cream.
    Have you tried our Emirati camel milk gelato there? They serve 6 of our flavours… when they are not sold out! ^_^

    • crumbs on travel says:

      No, I didn’t but I will next time. I plan a spring-visit and that is a perfect time to try ice-cream! Thanks for mentioning it!

  2. Karin says:

    Good reputation ?

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