At the 4th Ancona Art Salon with Italian Artist LuBerti

My life is taking more and more an artistic twist. I think I started to recognize this when I first met the Scottish artist Pheona Kerr and her art paradise in Minozzo, Emilia Romagna. She is such an amazing painter and full of ideas that she gave me inspiration and ideas for my own live.

Shortly later I have known Luisa Berti and her daughter Stella Rossi. Two great artists in sculpture, painting and much more. Whatever they touch becomes magic.

As I am friends with them and stay a while in their home I had the opportunity to prepare and experience an exhibition of LuBerti.

We have been together with her daughter and husband, a few days before the art exhibition took place, to Ancona for preparing the showroom. It was very exciting to see all the sculptures taking slowly the right place and the last touches of the artist. A few hours later all was at the right point and we could go for dinner.

The exhibition was held in a very interesting place called Mole Vanvitelliana or Lazaretto of Ancona. It is an 18th century building designed by the famous Italian architect Luigi Vanvitelli under the commission of Pope Clement XII. It was used initially as a quarantine station for maritime travelers and goods under suspicion of leper. It had no connections to the mainland. The pentagonal building has a tempietto with a well just in the middle of the court – very suggestive.

Today it has three bridges and during the centuries it has been as well a military base and now a place for the museum Tattile Omero and cultural events like exhibitions.

On the evening of the 1st July we took the motorway to Ancona. At 8 pm there would be an opening ceremony with dance, singers and more.

Of course we were there in time and people coming in were first interested in dancing and food, time for us to do some last corrections. But slowly more and more people came in and were interested in LuBerti’s work.

The Italian artist, born in 1946 at Pesaro, working in New York, Paris and London as well and holding a lot of exhibitions all over the world, was all the evening chatting away with people asking about her work, inviting her for next exhibitions and more.

In the few moments she had time to take a seat she worked at one of her new sculptures. I chatted with her about her way of finding ideas, realizing her often so various works and how much time it takes to finish some works. I found out that she loves her work when doing it but then she is not interested anymore in her finished work. And I thought how funny it is that I discover after weeks looking to my older photos a ‘it’s not so bad as I thought’-feeling. So different everyone is feeling his/her own (artistic) work.

As the people came in and filling the room more and more I noticed a lot of foreigners – mainly from the USA. Many of them took many photos with iPhones and cameras, especially details. Asked myself if for information to ‘steal’ ideas or just for interest at the subject? I hope for the artist they want to buy.

Meanwhile I took a look to the rest of the exhibition and the other artists.

They are various: painters, designers for clothes, photographers and much more. Some I liked a lot like of course the photos and the idea of reproduction on stone or wood. The stools with decoupage are amazing as well. Some paintings have so beautiful colors and some others have prepared their exhibition in a very original way.

I personally had a good chat with some of the visitors, known new people and seen new friends. A lot of my thoughts were around exhibitions and vernissages, how much preparation, how difficult to choose the right subject to show and how much work to put all in a right position to have the most effect. How much delusions when your friends are not showing up, how great when someone asks you to do next an exhibition together and how much hope that people will find your work inspiring.

To be an artist is still and will always be a very difficult life!

Lazaretto, Ancona/Italy:

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  1. Grazie Heidi, sei gentile e brava a scrivere, oltre che a fotografare!! Ispiriamoci a vicenda!

    • crumbs on travel says:

      Siete voi che mi date forza, ispirazione, voler esperimentare cose nuove… grazie dico io che mi date queste opportunità!

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