Art Holidays In Paradise.. In Italy

I met a Scottish lady in a restaurant in Minozzo the (apparently) last evening of my stay in the Tosco-Emilian hills. She has an art school at Villa Minozzo, she told me. So I decided the following day to go and see. What I found is paradise!

It’s the most amazing place one can imagine. Just one kilometer out of the little town at Bedogno she has a small property. Pheona Kerr is an amazing painter. Her art is so various and is going from every kind of painting technique to sculptures to architecture work (as she is still transforming, constructing and restoring the two houses). In Scotland she was an art teacher at University.

The garden, the place I am actually sitting when writing this, is a place of peace. I listen to the tin-tin of a wind chime, the birds are singing, a cock is cooing somewhere and the four volunteers are discussing the work to do.

The volunteer workers are young people from different countries. One Italian from North of Venice without work is already three months with Pheona. A young English student of arts is 4 days here and wants to go around Italy till July. An interesting couple from the United States is cycling through Europe to have a look where they like to settle down (if you want to follow their blog go here, really where inspiring!). Pheona is giving them a place to sleep and food for their free work.

Pheona shows me the kittens of her cat Matilda and then the house where guests stay.

It’s about four years she owns this place. Initially with her partner but they separated then and she is now doing all by her own. She is a real worker helping the guys to built, to fix, to organize and to teach them as well. For their life – as they are young and looking for different experiences.

The house in the typical mountain style architecture is cozy and welcoming. It has three floors and on each are a few bedrooms, a bathroom and a kitchen. All the rooms are decorated with her paintings. Replicas of Botticcelli are painted on the walls and every room is so inviting that anyone would like to stay forever. Horses, portraits, famous paintings – all of them in amazing frames. No way to escape paintings!

She gives art lessons. For a week, two or even longer. She says everyone can learn to paint with the right technique. I think I will come back in summer and try a week. We will see then my skills…

Who comes with a partner who doesn’t want get involved in painting and art can enjoy the surroundings. There is a guy of the village who speaks a good English (I spoke to him and he is doing great) and offers tours in the nature, on history walks and more. You have a motorbike? Great for any tour in the mountains.

I for myself love to sit in this little peaceful garden, listening to the nature’s sounds and watch those guys working on something – maybe a gazebo. And can’t wait to see my photos on the screen.

What do you think? Would you like to get some art lessons in paradise? Or some great Italian food? She is also a good cook! And soon there will be a pizza oven in the garden. The two cycling guys are working hard on it.

Of course meals are on the terrace. And who needs to go in Internet and talk to friends about the amazing experience here: there is free WiFi in the house.
Art holidays in Italy is a recreation place, a place where peace and ideas reign. No one will go away the same she/he came.

(This is NO sponsored article! I just liked the place and wanted to talk about it)

Casa Appeninno, Villa Minozzo/Italy:

For further information:
Art holidays in Italy by Pheona Kerr
Via Secchiello 27
Villa Minozzo 42030
Reggio Emilia

tel: +39 – (0)522 802 110

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The rustic ambiance is so relaxing, I would love to spend a weekend in such entourage.

  2. Ron says:

    Villa Minozzo ! Wonderful town ! Wonderful people (no thugs) !

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