(Another) Corona-Shutdown Walk – Nature Reserve Aalbeek

The Nature Reserve of Aalbeek is one of many protected areas in this region. Natural wet-lands give an ideal place to stay over winter and also during the whole year for many water birds and other animals.

One of the best ways to boost the immune-system and to stay healthy, is to walk in nature. I do this very much lately, and I enjoy it. I walked again in the nature reserve of Aalbeek near to the place where I stay currently.

I’ve been several times there, this time I came in from a totally different side. I started in a village called Häven (where I buy ‘happy’ eggs) and walked a kind of round-track.

Aalbeek is a small river that drains lake Ruppersdorf into lake Hemmelsdorf and flows into the Baltic Sea in Niendorf near Lübeck, Schleswig-Holstein.

The nature reserve was installed in 1985, has 349 ha of wet-land, and is a protected area for many birds migrating birds. The reserve is surrounded by many meadows used for Galloway cattle but it gives the place a very natural and peaceful feeling.

As it is nearly at sea level the Aalbeek nature is full of water, ponds, puddles and light thicket. Lake Hemmelsdorf was formed during the end of the last ice-age and the today nature reserve is the partly silting of that lake. I passed the rest of a motte-and-bailey castle of the 12th to the 14th century, castle Gosevelde. I didn’t see very much of it, though, but clearly the high hill on one side.

Many animals are living in the nature reserve. Especially water birds are very common but also some birds of prey and many smaller animals, roe deer and more.

I was very lucky in my opinion to ‘meet’ the roe deer. They were a dozen maybe, but in the thicket running, no way to take photos. Until the one roebuck decided to come over the little river and crossing my path.

Before that, I saw a man starring into a puddle. I asked him what he sees, and he pointed out the frogs. He said something about blue throat frogs. On the photos the bluish is a little difficult to see, but I saw it.

The weather is perfect for walks and I nearly walk somewhere every day. Sometimes with my camera sometimes without. Because the camera always means a different kind of walk as I am just looking for ‘great shots’. Sometimes it’s great just to walk, feel the sun on the skin, listening to the many birds and enjoy the walk itself.

Here are some of my photos of this walk I enjoyed very much WITH my camera. And if you are a follower of my blog, you will discover a photo you have already seen here from other walks in that very same area.

Nature Reserve Aalbek, Schleswig-Holstein/Germany:

For further information:
The website of the Bird Park
Protected area Aalbek

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