… and suddenly there was Spring!

After a not too bad winter, just a couple of weeks ago the winter decided to remind what we missed. And in one night there came more than 30 cm/12 inches of snow. And a very cold wind from east brought Siberia to Europe. The winter frost stayed for a week before in almost only two days everything melted away.

I was pretty afraid that the flowers I saw before showing up right a little bit out of the ground, would have gone and lost for this spring.

Instead, it happened just the opposite: the flowers start to grow under the thick and apparently warm snow blanket. Being this way protected by the heavy frost of those days.

Now it’s a few days the sun is out, the warmth on my face is so beautiful, the birds singing the whole day and the fish in the pond has now 3 big frogs for company. Until summer there will be again at least a dozen of the ‘croakers’ and they will have their daily evening concert then.

I was out today doing my first garden work of this year and found a lot of colors, flowers that show their beauty to the sun. I love the lawn full of daisies, when I walk on it I can smell the sweet scent of them. Soon there will be a burst of colors, birds nesting in the cracks of the house and starlings coming to built their homes under the roof. I wake up in the early morning and hear them rolling stones and talking to each other. Spring is maybe the most beautiful season of the year.

Here are some of the beauties I found in the garden today, enjoy!

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