And Let it be Light – The Magic of Light Festival in Travemünde

The days are getting shorter and every day a few minutes earlier I have to switch on the light. So now the time starts for light festivals and soon I will witness again lanterns held by children going through the streets. This time there was a magic event: the Magic of Lights in the Godewindpark in Travemünde. Art and light coming together in a magical atmosphere.

A few days ago I have been at the Light Festival in the park in Travemünde. A friend of mine told me about it and said it is an annual event. As I am here only occasionally I never have seen it before and was curious about it.

I walked the night before the actual event through the park and took my pictures. It was still quiet and peaceful, perfect for the feeling of magic in the air. The two following nights were completely over-crowded and I didn’t go.

I didn’t see the performances nor the firework. For the first it was too packed with people that I got away before seeing anything and the second I stayed with my cat who was terrified by the loud fireworks they put on right in front of the house. She is not used to something like that.

I enjoyed the lights, most of the time in all colors, sometimes blinking, hidden behind bushes or high in the trees. I thought the gorilla in the swimming glass-house is funny and loved the play of the light reflections in the lake. It was a fantastic scenery and the sky put its own lights with millions of stars and a bright moon. Romantic-enchanted is a good description for the event.

Travemünde, Schleswig-Holstein/Germany:

For further information:
Here is a video about the Light Festival 2019, very pretty!

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