An Evening in the Rape Field

Have you ever smelled blooming rape? There is a sweet, honey-like scent all over when the huge fields of rape start to bloom. Endless bright yellow fields, surrounded by fresh green just coming out in spring under a dark blue sky with white, fluffy clouds. That is the most beautiful scenery in spring!

Rapeseeds or also colza are used for canola oil many people use in their kitchens. It is one of the largest vegetable oils we have and is used also for animal feeding and biodiesel. Everybody for sure tried the rapeseed honey. Rape flowers are great for bees but the plants are also heavily GMO. The greatest producers of canola oil are Canada and China. Health-wise the oil is rich in omega-6, there is a long way of processing from plant to oil and there is a lot of saturated fat. There is a long list why it is harmful if used on a regular base. There are much better oils to use like coconut, avocado or olive oil. But the plants are good for gardening as they help to make a better soil. Be careful though: the plants grow every year again easily, they can get really big that you need to dig them out deeply, and they don’t let very much grow nearby. But again: for the mind they are wonderful: the color, the smell, the vision of the big fields…

Yesterday evening I drove at 8.30 pm out where are the rape fields. I enjoyed very much the sunset light, the blue sky and the white and also dark grey clouds. I couldn’t get enough of the sweet scent of the rape and the colors. Cool wind blowing through my hair and just me inhaling beauty and natural scent. I took a lot of shots there.

Enjoy the photos!

For further information:
An interesting article about how healthy or unhealthy canola oil is

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