An Evening at the Mill

Two days ago I had a phone call from ‘my’ mill where I buy my flaxseed oil for now more than a year. There would be a presentation at the mill about their products. It’s a long time I am waiting for it though I know pretty much about all these things already. Of course I wanted to listen to it and so yesterday in the early evening me and a friend of mine left for an interesting time.

The small room was fully packed with people who wanted to listen and they were really brave the nearly 3 hours of presentation and discussion. Prof. Dr. Thole, the owner of the mill, invited for this little presentation of his now more than a year old mill and its products.

We took a seat, just in time before everyone was looking for one. Comfortably sitting in a big chair we were full of excitement. Lights off, documents on a wall screen and Dr. Thole started to present himself, the mill, the idea and all the story around with its difficulties especially from the alimentary industry. And there seems to be a lot! Especially when someone tries to promote healthy things and ideas. I don’t want to say anything bad about the pharma industry but sometimes it is right her to make things even more difficult.

The main point of the evening was of course the flax seed oil and all its healthy properties. He told us that he buys the flax seed from a German region and not another country where he could pay pretty much less. He wants fair trade, some short transportation ways and to be sure it is a clean organic product. He wants real good quality for a real good product. He told us one should eat 7.5 liters a year of flax seed oil to stay healthy. Everyone made a ‘wow’. That is a lot of fat. That’s true but if anyone has ever learnt anything about nutrition so he knows well we need fat to live. Good fat. Without fat our body doesn’t work at all. It is important for our skin, for our brain, for our heart, our muscles and blood. He told us it is really important to have a cold pressed oil (in his oil pressure procedure he never heats it and during the pressure it never goes over 27°C, which is pretty far away from the max 42°C where properties of food start to die) and pressed also freshly. So every week they do that work in the mill – they have an extra room where everybody can see and observe the work if wanted. The ready oil is never filtered and they produce also one with additional lignans which is even much better. If you want a detailed information about lignans see here.

He told us that the flax seed is the soy of Europe. And thinking about it I recognize that he is right. They have the same properties. It’s only no one ever tried to make tofu with it. Should I? Will have a look if there is any possibility to make tofu with soy at home. Than I try with flax seed.

One of the most important properties of flax seed oil is the protection against cancer. Even cure it. Especially breast cancer, ovary cancer and prostate cancer. It has a lot of phytoestrogens which helps especially women in the menopause but also just to regular the period. The blood pressure goes on a normal level and the sugar in the blood will be much less. There are a lot of other healthy aspects to learn about. Very interesting I think is the fact that it protects pretty much against Alzheimer disease.

He told us how the industrial oil production is done and that the seeds are boiled before being pressed cold – so they are useless and the oil is just an oil with no properties. But just pressed cold. So it’s a lie without being a lie. Just a not accurate done declaration. Amazing what people do just to get money out of something!

New for me was the fact of Omega 9. I never heard anything about it before. But obviously it is a very important enzyme without the Omega 3 doesn’t work at all. Here you find some more information. This Omega Research (see here) seems to be an interesting one.

The good properties one will get by taking 2 tablespoons a day, best in quark or cottage cheese. Yogurt is also possible.

We tasted 2 oils – flax seed oil and nigella oil – last one great to improve a strong immune system. But I don’t like the taste at all and so avoid it. Don’t need it (crossing fingers).

Of course he talked about many other things, about OPC, walnut oil, hemp oil for the hair and the skin and many other oils. A great resource of knowledge. Many things I already knew but I found it anyway very inspiring.

There are still a lot to tell, and the mill is always a place of knowledge for me. I take my flax seed oil now for over a year and feel definitely a great difference. The skin is much less dry, more equal, has a better color, nails and hair are healthy and of course I feel good. But if that is only because of the flax seed oil or because I changed my whole diet – I can’t tell. And I don’t care, I will not change things anyway and be always fine.

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