An Afternoon at the Pond

I love to sit at the pond and listen to the frogs, watch the big, fat goldfish moving her/his big belly through the water and waiting for the dragonflies.

The water gurgles as it flows down the little waterfall and the frogs are coming up slowly. They hide when I arrive and after some time when they decide that big human being is not dangerous, they pop up on the surface, one after the other. After a while, they start also to croak.

I wait for the dragonfly. There is a beautiful blue one, should be the White-legged Damselfly, that I see often sitting on the long leaves of the yellow flag, an iris growing in the pond. But this year I saw also a blood-red dragonfly: the Scarlet Dragonfly. I have my camera here and will wait.

Meanwhile, I take some shots around the pond until finally the dragonfly shows up and I can get a close-up. Not bad, one day it will be perfect.

I was amazed by the different kinds of frogs. Maybe some are toads?

Do you have a pond in your garden/yard? I think every garden/yard/balcony needs a little water place at least to give birds and insects the possibility to drink and bath in the hot summer months.

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  1. Don says:

    Your pond looks great, and Macchia keeps a close eye on everything ?

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