A Weekend of Open Workshops in Northern Germany

The Holstein Switzerland is a beautiful hilly area with lakes and forests, a huge nature park in Schleswig-Holstein. During summer time they offer a lot of events, some international and even famous in the whole world. This time I had the opportunity to experience the ‘Weekend of Open Workshops’, an event that comes every year in June.

Many little ateliers are inviting during this weekend people to have a look at their work and arts. An incredible long list of artists and places I never heard before was waiting for me and so I looked up some in a restricted area. I thought 7 in 5 hours all in a range of 50 kilometers are enough. In the end they were even too much… All open ateliers would have a red chair out in the street for recognizing where they are.

I had the opportunity to go around with a friend so the two of us started in Gnissau, just half an hour far. Rita Natascha Becker is a woman who is dedicating all her life to her art. She is a painter and doing some sculptures as well. She talked a little about her works, her thoughts behind and her life in the country side. We were very impressed by her ‘wild’ garden – maybe more than about her works itself I confess.

Then we visited ‘Natürlich Momo’. Heike Böhme is a transformer of new furniture into shabby chic. A style I like a lot and we had a really interesting chat about how to do, her workshops she offers during the year, colors that a great for this kind of work and more. She offers even workshop-weekends with the possibility of a bed&breakfast in her home. She also has an amazing garden.

Next stop was in Eutin for photos and paintings. Martina Baumgardt is graphic designer and in her spare time she likes to swing a brush on a canvas. She had just a few in her studio she was sharing with a friend, Katharina Knieß. She is a photographer and is specialized in fun-photos I would say. She displayed photos of funny word combinations. And she wrote an interesting book: “In Bed With Art” (in German). A guide for accommodations offering art. Great idea and nearly a ‘must have’ for every art-lover on the road.

Next atelier was a goldsmith. Manfred Ehmke is creating very special jewelry in gold, silver and with foam coral.. never heard this before but it looks nice. Searching some information about this material I found out it’s the base of an already dead coral reef.

Out last stop would be with my friend Petra Krabbemeyer in the art gallery in Gleschendorf.

Maybe the most beautiful in this art-trip was to see completely new places, driving in a sunny, green landscape, visiting amazing gardens and having interesting chats with artists. And again I wonder how many artists are in the world. And often really great ones. Having an own website it is more likely they have even a little success in the world. But most of them they are doing it for themselves. Nearly all have a work to live and doing art for hobby. And have a partner who supports them a lot.

I enjoyed this trip and if I have again the possibility next year to be here at the time of the ‘Open Workshop Weekend’ I will go around again on art discovery.

Travemünde-Gnissau-Ahrensbök-Eutin-Gleschendorf, Schleswig-Holstein/Germany:

Artists I visited:
Rita Natascha Becker, Wiesenweg, Gnissau
Natürlich Momo (in German)
Grafik Kunst (in German)
Eutiner Goldschmiede (in German)
Atelier Karin Lamp (in German)
Galerie EigenARTig via Creart by Petra Krabbemeyer (in German)

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