A Walk in Tirol

Merano is a well known city in South Tyrol. Most of the year the climate is very mild, that’s why you find palm trees here too. The Mediterranean embraces the mountains. But in summer sometimes it can be hot too and so many of the inhabitants try to escape in a cooler place. And that would be Tirol.

We came to ‘Dorf Tirol’, like it is called in German, because it was on our way to Merano and I wanted to see it. In addition there is a castle I would have liked to visit: the castle Tirol. But that will be another article later..

We arrived from the north after our one night stay in Walten. We passed San Leonhard in Passeier and a few other villages, all very suggestive.

When I saw the sign to Dorf Tirol I turned on the right and drove up into the center of the village of about 2.500 inhabitants.

We parked at a big parking place and walked into the town center.

We got some information at the tourist office near to the parking place and then took the road to the castle Tirol. The road is also part of a hiking trail Merano-Tirol-Merano.

We were so lucky to have bright, sunny and warm days here. We visited the castle and after we came back to have lunch in a typical restaurant where we could sit outside under big parasols. My sweet sweetie could not resist the dumplings – regardless of the heat (dumplings are a winter dish).

We decided that the place is nice and we would not like to sleep in Merano. So we got the car and looked for a hotel. We found one for a good price and with breakfast: the Hotel Ortswies.

After resting a while in the evening we were strolling in the town center, visiting a church and participating at the mass, sitting for a while to listen to a concert (orchestra) and then try to find an open restaurant. At 9 pm it was already a challenge, all was closed or at least the kitchen. In the end we found a place near to our hotel and we had a nice dinner sitting outside.

We left the next day after a breakfast in the garden and to see the Trauttmansdorff Gardens in Merano.

I enjoyed the stay in Tirol a lot. A completely new experience and curious to stay in a place I have heard of already so much. My sweetheart? Oh, he would love to have a house there! The mountains, the food, the friendly people.. he loves it. This is one of the very few differences we have, I prefer the sea and don’t really like the mountains more than a few days every – let’s say – 10 years. The food is not what I like but I totally agree about the friendly people.

Tirol, South-Tyrol/Italy:

For further information:
Official website of Tirol

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