A Walk in the Schnoor District of Bremen

A friend of mine works as an expert witness for an assurance company and therefore always on the road through the country to visit buildings and their damages. So sometimes I had the privilege to go with him and see new places.

This day we were to a small place near to Bremen, an old Hanseatic city. We had only an afternoon to spend there but it was interesting and very nice.

We made a visit to the famous ”Schnoorviertel”, the district Schnoor.

The district is situated in the oldest part of the city, in the heart of the old town and on the banks of the river Weser. We had the whole afternoon to explore it.

In the times of the Hanse it was the economic center of the town. Craftsmen, fishermen and traders were settled here and they built there cottages, small and big houses. Still near the Marterburg there is to see a part of the round-tower. In the 13th century Franciscan monks built the St. John’s church.

Today the district is a place for artists, little shops with handcrafts, nice restaurants, cozy pubs and still beautiful houses full of history. Famous houses are the ”Concordenhaus” and the ”Amtsfischerhaus”.

We started to walk between the streets. They were packed with people though it wasn’t even a weekend, especially great weather or a holiday. But tourists everywhere, a Japanese couple asked for a photo in front of the smallest hotel in the world. I found a million things in the shops, beautiful handcrafts, great ideas. We visited a gallery with modern paintings my friend liked a lot. I preferred the shops and all those great ideas.

We enjoyed the afternoon and had a look in nearly all the houses. I loved the restaurants, small, cozy and full of atmosphere. Would be great to go out here, especially in the summer time on a mild evening would be wonderful. Nice music, candle lights.. a romantic place as well.

I loved my trip to this beautiful Hanseatic city and for sure I will go again one day and have a look at all the other famous places like the town musicians of Bremen e.g.

Schnoor district, Bremen/Germany:

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  1. Sacha Brown says:

    Bremen Top 10 Attractions

    During your visit in Bremen a number of great attractions exist that you should be aware of to possibly plan into your trip. The city has visitor attractions which you could know and maybe others that are not known to non locals of Bremen we have collected a list of 10 to guide you:

    1. Historische Altstadt
    2. Bremen Town Hall (Rathaus)
    3. Marktplatz
    4. Ubersee-Museum
    5. Kunsthalle Bremen
    6. Bremer Ratskeller
    7. Schnoor Viertel
    8. St. Peter’s Cathedral (St. Petri Dom)
    9. Town Musicians of Bremen (Bremer Stadtmusikanten)
    10. Kunstsammlungen Bottcherstrasse

    This collection is just to get you going if you have a good local book or guide you can delve further and if there is enough time in Bremen. You are sure to find other interesting points of interest and attractions about the Bremen area.

    Bremen Travel Facts

    If you are getting to grips with a new city like Bremen it is essential to have some facts. These are a few that could prove helpful.

    Continent: Europe
    Country: Germany
    Region: Bremen
    International Dialing Code: 49
    Bremen Coordinates: 53.0769° N, 8.8089° E
    Altitude: 12 m (39 ft)
    Currency: Euro (EUR)
    Language: German
    Bremen Time Zone: CET (UTC+1)
    City Population: 547,976
    Metro Population: 2,400,000
    Temperature High In 22.6°C / 72.7°F
    Temperature Low In −1.1°C / 30 °F

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