A Sunny Day in Munich’s Inner City

On my way through Europe visiting friends wherever they live or have a second home I visited also a friend in Munich. She is originally German but lives in Turkey now for nearly 40 years. So she is a great mix between two cultures. I know her from my years in Istanbul.

She has a flat in Munich and invited me for a visit. While staying on the mainland I took my car and went down to stay with her for a few days. She is a photographer and so we planned a nice photo-tour through the city.

Munich has a special place in my heart. When I was a young girl I had a school-year in Tegernsee, which is a famous touristic place nearby Munich. Some years later I worked in Fürstenfeldbruck, also a nearby to Munich, for half a year. It was an ‘escape and experience’ with my fiancé that time. We returned back to Italy eventually to work again in his father’s bakery. But that is another story….

Like always I missed the right exit when I’ve gone done on Friday night and no one on the road. But like often I am lucky and someone guides me to the right place. So I arrived an hour later but with a nice impression of the inhabitants of Munich.

The parking in the street is fine, because it costs the maximum 6 € 24 hours and from Saturday 1 pm to Monday 9 am it’s free.

The very next morning was a sunny, nice day so after breakfast we started a photo-tour through the inner city where my friend has her flat. Great shops, shopping-malls, expensive and economic, beautiful architecture and a lot of international people.

We stopped at the famous Frauenkirche and had a look inside. As I don’t like too much to photograph inside a church I didn’t take many shots. Although the church seems more a public open place with no solemnity.

I loved the mix of the modern glass architecture and the old style in between everywhere in Munich. And I like the mirror pictures in the glass. So exciting. If you have a nearer look you can see me in one of the photographs, a funny self-portrait.

Of course as a woman I love shopping. But I didn’t buy anything though I was enamored by the shop decorations. Window-shopping here is really great and intriguing. The decorators are really great and have fantastic ideas to attract the women to enter the shop and have a look around. And of course for sure buying something. I loved also the way they promoted the famous Dirndl, the traditional dress of the Bavarian women, and the leather trousers for men. Beautiful textures, always different styles. Did you know there are also mini dresses as Dirndl? For young girls pretty nice and sexy.

Who loves photographing finds a lot here just sitting in the center of the Marienplatz (Place of Saint Mary), near to the Karlstor (Gate of Charles) or in front of the Rathaus (townhall). People of all nations are walking around, Asians with a camera in the hand, young girls from Eastern countries with there boyfriends, elder ladies from Munich, young artists looking for their luck by making music, painting or showing acrobatics, children running around talking Turkish and German in the very same moment. It is a babel and makes one feel not anymore from one nation but a world person, an earthling. I enjoyed this day in the big chaotic center of Munich and was exhausted in the evening by so many impressions I had during the day. But it was a real plain day with a lot of emotions and.. photos.

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