A Spring Walk And Testing New Lenses

It is one whole year I have my new camera, a Canon EOS 600D, but shooting only with the lenses 18-55 mm coming along with the camera when I bought it. That is fine because with this kind I can shoot nearly everything in any situation.

But of course there are a lot of situations I would like to have some more, special possibilities. That’s why I have some other lenses on my list. One of it was a long-focus lens.

So two weeks ago I have been to the shop and buy some and now I am a proud owner of a telephoto lens 70-300 mm. Perfect to go on travel and shoot nature, architecture and people.

Last week finally there was a sunny day AND I had time as well. So I took my car and off to a place I have seen in the past weeks very often, as it is on the road I took for my photo exhibition.

The place is a protected area called Aalbek near to Niendorf at the Baltic Sea in Schleswig-Holstein. Nearby is also a Bird Park with hundreds of different birds, many of them living in free spaces.

I took the path through the woods and wetlands. Such a sunny day but not many people around. Just some hikers and a few on the bike. I had the nature for my own!

So I started to use my lenses and shoot everything I could get in front of my camera. For instance a wood pecker high in the tree. My mom always told me when I was a child: “When you hear a wood pecker touch your purse, it will bring money.” I did.. and now I am waiting for money 😀

I loved to see this untouched nature. All wetlands with a lot of little lakes, creeks and wet meadows. Especially the many large reed beds are great for any type of water birds like geese, ducks, swans and many others.

I arrived at a place called Hermann-Löns-Blick (Hermann Löns view, Löns was a writer of the late 19th century writing a lot about the North German moors). Here is the perfect area to get inspired!

I tried out in several modes the same subject when it came to still nature. With animals I had only one choice: just click the shutter!

What do you think about this funny looking reed?

I had seconds to get this wren. But I am proud of this pic as it is no bird that comes easily to a shooting session.

The magic woods of Oz! I love this place and I am looking forward to see many places like this… and to practice my new lenses!

Protected area Aalbek/Niendorf, Schleswig-Holstein/Germany:

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For further information:
Bird park Niendorf
Protected area Aalbek

Camera body and lenses:
Tamron AF 70-300mm for Canon
Canon EOS 600D

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  1. The reed reminded me of the fact that I often saw these pieces as decoration elements in flats (many years ago).

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