A Scooter Tour on the Island Ischia

Every time when I am back in Ischia I just want to go around the island and see differences, enjoy the scenery, breath the island. And lately I am back to a scooter. Every time when I go back with my sweetheart we rent a scooter for the time we are there, even though we have a car. But honestly: who wants to drive in a place where there are nearly more cars than inhabitants? But the real reason is: where to park? And if you find a parking place: how much money will you spend? We avoid it by renting a scooter for a little money and enjoy going everywhere. And finding always a place for the scooter.

Today I just want to show some photos I took during our last scooter tour this summer, 2018. I enjoy the sun on my skin and the wind in my hair when I take the turns. My sweetheart enjoys the scenery and when we get stuck in a traffic jam. In these narrow streets, when two buses meet and have to work hard to pass so near without touching each other. I am always amazed what skills our bus drivers have.

Enjoy the photos and come visiting Ischia!

Ischia, Campagna/Italy:

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