A Quick Stroll Along the Amalfi Coast

When you look for the Amalfi Coast you find interesting descriptions: a picturesque coastline with steep cliffs, one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world and a popular vacation destination. For me it is one of the most beautiful places in the world, the coast is not comparable with another one and it atmosphere is unique. It is the mixture of an incredible nature and the culture of the people.

Bright colors, amazing architecture, a bubbly life, always full of tourists from around the world, yummy food and terrific views from nearly every terrace of the houses.

We drove along the Amalfi Coast an evening but still there was a tremendous traffic. Buses, cars, motorbikes and pedestrians – they all use the narrow, winding street, the only one that goes along the cliffs. I was driving as for me it is just the daily traffic madness I am used to. For my partner it was something different. Coming from the United States where they drive much less aggressive, where the streets are wide and oftentimes with more than 4 lanes, where a pedestrian at the edge of the street immediately awakes the stop of every car to let the person cross the street…. he never said so but I think he was thankful that I was in charge.

The coast is best to follow from the north to the south because this way you have the Thyrrenian Sea on the right side and a perfect view. The other way round you drive along the cliffs and can’t see as much.

The SS 163 is about 80 km/50 mi long and stretches from Sorrento to Amalfi and further. It is an old Roman road and partially carved into the cliffs.

There are countless curves and you never know if you have a bus in front of you after the next turn. There is only one lane every directions and you have also go around parking cars, buses and motorbikes. And don’t forget the many tourists, all equipped with cameras and smart phones to shoot the picture of their life after every new turn. Because every view is more amazing that the one before.

We passed Positano, drove through Vico Equense, Meta, Vietri sul Mare and Amalfi. We didn’t stop neither at Sorrento nor at Salerno city center or any other village. We wanted to come back the following day.. which didn’t happen. Because of the late hour – it was before dusk – we couldn’t see all the lemons and peperoncini displayed on little Ape VespaCars, the many shops with typical pottery or the hundreds of different colors of the Bougainvilleas.

We didn’t spent enough time at this amazing coast but it was just the beginning of many times we will be back. Here I still have to show so much to my sweetheart, a life-time will be barely enough.

Amalfi Coast, Campagna/Italy:

For further information:
Website of the Amalfi Coast
Video of the Amalfi Coast on YouTube

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2 Responses to A Quick Stroll Along the Amalfi Coast

  1. Hannelore Aydin says:

    Hallo Heidi,

    Uns hat leider die Zeit für Amalfi gefehlt. Auch war die Jahreszeit für einen Besuch nicht günstig, weil angeblich zu viel Verkehr auf dieser schmalen Straße ist. Aber wir haben auch vor nur die Amalfi Küste zu besichtigen.

    Du beschreibst sie so schön.

    Herzliche Grüße aus M.

    • crumbs on travel says:

      Hallo Hannelore, ja, der Verkehr ist schon gewöhnungsbedürftig für Leute nicht von hier. Aber es lohnt sich allemal!

      Liebe Grüsse, bis bald…

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