A Nearly Rainy Day in Frohnleiten, Styria

What to see in Graz if one doesn’t want to go into the city center? Best going out into the landscape without driving too long. That’s what my friend and I did when it was a rainy-sunny day and he wanted to see a place he only saw from train yet: Frohnleiten.

Frohnleiten is a small town in the hills of Graz-Umgebung. Most of the time we had to follow the flow of the Mur, the river passing through Graz. Frohnleiten is situated at its banks and has a really very nice and picturesque position.

In the valley the town is built are three major roads: the old one, the highway and the motorway. And the rail is passing as well. So the very narrow valley is all about streets unfortunately. But nevertheless there is a lot of tranquility and nature.

We parked just in the center of Frohnleiten and because of Easter Monday there was a lot of free parking space. The very first impression I got from this tiny place was the multi colored water well.

No people around, all shops closed – perfect for one like me to save money! – we walked through the place admiring the beautiful facades and houses. I like this kind of architecture as well, seems so exotic to me and makes me feel really be on holidays.

The town hall is decorated and a typical house for this region.

I wondered the sometimes not really straight windows and facades and think maybe it is because also this place is built on a sandy and moving underground and within the centuries houses became leaning walls.

Many of the houses down to the river side have beautiful, tiny gardens and extremely greenish in this period of spring.

We passed over the bridge on the other side of the Mur into a park. A beautiful relaxing place with a cafeteria as well.

Curious this abstract sculpture I thought first a home for bees and insects. But it is not, just a modern sculpture.

The red cherry tree reminded me of the cherry trees in Japan that are so famous in spring because of the red carpets they form with their petals falling on the floor with the wind. A perfect meditation place I would say.

We had something to eat in a small restaurant and then headed again off. We passed through the whole valley back to Graz without touching the main roads and looking out for a Roman bridge my friend knew here. It is so tiny in a middle of a field and badly to see. It didn’t impress me much, no photo though..

Frohnleiten, Styria/Austria:

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For further information:
Frohnleiten Tourism (in German)

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