A Lazy Afternoon at the Schweriner See

My friend and me came to Schwerin to book some rooms at the sails club. We just saw the sails club immediately arriving int he city. When she asked for a room, he got very disappointed to learn that there was nearly no possibility for a weekend. The club has just 4 rooms and they are fully booked out for this year. There are some vacancies in the middle of the weeks and not more than for one couple of nights only.

So after that we started our sightseeing walk in Schwerin. We saw first the castle, then the center of the town where we had a great lunch in a stylish restaurant called Friedrichs. But we didn’t take any coffee and so on the way back to the car we decided to have one at the sails club.

The sails club of Schwerin is situated in the center of the town near to a big parking place in the Werderstrasse (1 € per hour). Just cross the street and you are at the Marstall (royal stables). Surround them and then you are almost at the club.

A lot of sailing boats, a big lake, on the horizon woods, an outer part of Schwerin and a big island called Kaninchenwerder (rabbit island) in the middle of the view.

We took a seat at a table on the terrace. There are a few beach baskets but there were sitting people in. And the low chairs straight at the shore were not the most comfortable ones for my friend who is an elder lady.

Meanwhile I was waiting for my cappuccino, the coffee and the really delicious looking rhubarb meringue cake for my friend I was looking out onto the water, calm, peaceful, shining in the sun and some water birds swimming and bathing. It was the perfect place to relax after a nearly six hours walk in the town.

The bridge inviting to sit there and holding feet in the water, maybe swim (in summer it will be the perfect spot for a holiday!) and forgetting the rest of the world.

I am writing about it because I think the photos have caught the exact feeling I had there with my friend. Well – until a lady from Munich arrived and distracted us with her stories. She took me away from my dreaming and chill out position. Hello world.. here I am again!

Sails Club at Schwerin, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern/Germany:

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