A Culinary Tour in Graz – Markets and Cafeterias

On the way to Pisa I stopped in Graz for three days. My goal this time was not only to see my friend Travelwriticus but also to have a culinary tour.
We started our tour on the first day at a farmers market. I loved to see all those veggies. Very impressive are the ‘Eierschwammerl’, Chanterelle mushrooms. And they have a lot of different tomatoes, salads more. All seems to be grown in natural ways without over fertilize the soil.
Every stand has different veggies, some had also homemade chutneys, jams and pumpkin seeds oil.
This market is special because it doesn’t seem to be a typical market where professionals sell their goods. These people seemed to me just the old lady from the country-side who grows a lot of vegetables and sells out what she can’t eat at home. They are particular friendly, the prices are sometimes so low that I asked a second time how much it is.
The farmers’ market is situated in the heart of Graz’ city-center on an old place called Kaiser Josef Platz. It is held every day in the week (except on Sunday) from morning to 1 pm. If someone has an apartment to stay for holidays it’s the best place where to get fresh veggies and fruits for a reasonable price.

On the farmers market I bought some onions, potatoes, pumpkin and salads for a meal and was surprised not to pay more than 6 € for all fresh veggies. I took a bottle of pumpkin seed oil as well. That was pretty expensive but good oil costs, half a liter I payed 9,50 €, fresh and clean (not mixed with other oils)

On the way to the market we saw a few interesting doors and houses in old styles.

After the market we walked around in the streets and stopped for a cappuccino at Auer’s Café in the city-center. The girl was so nice to fulfill my wish of fresh squeezed lemon juice as she offered only orange juice. We took a seat outside to watch the people walking by. Interesting for me as a woman to see how the women in Austria dress. Leggings are still very ‘en mode’ with short skirts – for every age.
We sat for a good while talking and watching. In summer this place will be crowded I guess..

Later we’ve gone home and I prepared some simple pumpkin soup with the fresh ingredients I took in the morning at the market.

Here is the recipe:
1 Hokkaido pumpkin
1 onion
3 potatoes middle seize
2 carrots
olive oil
½ liter vegetable soup
Some cream fresh

Clean first all vegetable ingredients and cut them in squares. Then heat some olive oil in a pot, put first the onions in and glace them. After put all the rest plus the vegetable soup (only extract or liquids) but cream. Let it cook for at least half an hour, maybe more until all vegetables are well cooked.
Now let the pumpkin soup cool out a while and put it in a blender. The soup now comes out yellow-orange and really creamy. Now turn the pumpkin soup into the pot, add the cream fresh, stir and heat it again whenever you want to eat.
I served it with some parsley and the new bought pumpkin seed oil on. It looks nice and has a great taste as for such a simple recipe.

Prep time: 10 minutes
Total time: 1 hour
Servings: 5

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