A Culinary Tour in Graz and Lunch at Mangolds

Today was a perfect day to try out several places for having a morning coffee or lunch in Vegetarian restaurants. In the Internet I had already a short look what kind of places I wanted to see and try out.

On the way through the nice city center of Graz we passed an interesting place called ‘Stadtbauernladen’ (farmers’ shop). Situated in an old palazzo we entered the modern inside and had a short look. Short because the place is very small, just one room that maybe has been once an entrance hall. Fresh veggies, organic honey, of course the everywhere pumpkin seeds oil, organic meat and dairy and more we could find.

Prices are normal as being organic and presented in a closed place instead of a farmers’ market.

Our goal was the restaurant Mangolds. I chose that one because of being a Vegetarian one. But for lunch there was still plenty of time and so on the way we entered first for our morning cappuccino the cafeteria Tribeka. It’s a pretty big cafeteria for students and young people. It’s situated along the river Mur on two floors where it is easy to get Internet as well.

We had a nice cappuccino and stayed long enough surfing in the Internet to arrive at lunch time.

Mangolds is right around the corner and a young, fresh, modern looking self-service restaurant. It has a lot of light in, looks essential as furniture but gives a nice, clean sensation.

It has a lot of different salads, three types of bread, two soups, a few warm dishes like cooked vegetables, couscous, a menu (4,50 €!) and nice desserts. I appreciate a lot that every dish, salad and so has written what exactly are the ingredients. I found not even one with sugar (sweetened with honey if required) and only in the bread there is grain flour, nowhere else.

The tables are clean and pretty enough for a good bunch of people. We had different salads. The dishes are paid on weight, 1,33 € per 100 g. With 5 € I was done for the rest of the day.

Mangolds has a second section with sweets and treats. Of course all Vegetarian but with flour.

After a great lunch we walked around in Graz, having a look into shops and exhibitions as the Triestiner Days are on these days.

On the way we saw these great looking treats. I think it was for a celebration in a shop.

Our next goal was to enter a nice place to have a coffee, a typical place in Graz. Travelwriticus brought me to the Hotel Erzherzog Johann, also in the city-center.

The hotel is already a look worth. The cafeteria is really spectacular! It seems to me as a typical coffee lounge like I think they are in Austria. Full of plants on the different floors to the hotel rooms we could see from our seats in the lounge.

The cappuccino was ‘normal’, less spectacular but the atmosphere more than worth.

For dinner we decided to try out ‘Die Erde’ (The Earth), also near to Mangolds and Tribeka. Another Vegetarian and one of the most noticed in Graz.

The ‘Erde’ is a tiny little restaurant with a lot of flair. Just a few of tables, very original walls and a lot of atmosphere. The menu is written on simple paper. A good choice of drinks, from alcoholic to non-alcoholic. There is a daily soup and a menu with about few dishes, mainly with saitan or tofu. I had the only tofu-free dish, a wrap with falafel, Travelwriticus a tofu-schnitzel with french fry.

I thought with the prices at a small menu but I was really surprised to get a big plate that would be enough for two lunches.
Both dishes were great and very tasty.

When I finished I opened just a moment my netbook to see if there is any Internet connection. One of the guys came to give me the password… very gentle and client-friendly!

I recommend a lot Mangolds as a place for lunch. It’s clean, not over crowded but one can see very much liked by the people of Graz. I saw every age coming to eat. It has healthy food, most of it also Vegan and Paleo, and it has a great pricing.

The cafeteria lounge in the Hotel Erzherzog Johann is perfect if one wants to have Austrian Kaffeehaus feeling instead.

The ‘Erde’ is really nice for a cozy restaurant with a lot of warm atmosphere. Very hip and great also just for having a drink as well. Don’t eat the whole day when intended to eat here – dishes are really BIG.

Has anyone been to Graz and looking for a right place to eat? Especially if looking for gluten-free restaurants? Let me know!

Mangolds Restaurant, Graz/Austria:

For further information:
Mangolds (in German)
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