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Industrial and Technological History in Lübeck

Lübeck was once the ‘Mother of the Hanseatic League’ and a merchandise center. In the last century it still had one of the biggest businesses in North Germany: the furnace plant in Herrenwyk, just a few kilometers outside the city-center … Continue reading

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Krapfen or Berliner – A Sugar Ball for Carnival

Krapfen are a typical Carnival treat. In Germany they are also very often served for the last day of the year, at New Year’s Eve. In Italy, we call them bomboloni and the Italian graffe are very similar, just the … Continue reading

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Potato Pizza – An Alternative

In Italy not only the traditional pizza is called pizza but also alternatives like eggplant pizza, rice pizza, polenta pizza, pizza muffins and much more. Pizza in Italy means a soft base with tomato sauce and other ingredients on the … Continue reading

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A Cake with Beet Root Juice – Red Velvet Cake

This red layer cake has its origin in the Southern cooking of the USA. I have seen cup cakes and cakes on the Internet and think it is one of the most photogenic cakes. And a very appropriate one for … Continue reading

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The Color of Grey (A Valentine Story)

Helia sat at her desk and looked out of the window. Snowflakes slowly fell into the gray of the day, covering houses, cars and pedestrians. She was playing with the pencil in her hand, thoughtfully. She sighed and looked again … Continue reading

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